Related Sources Against Gun Control

Ten Myths About Gun Control. Written by the NRA Institute for Legislative Action.

It seems that a majority of the argument in favor of gun control comes from a small number of misconceptions or myths on the subject. Most of these myths have been debunked, and those willing to do the research can see that. This link is a great source that identifies ten of these misconceptions.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 8.03.25 PM

10 Arguments Against Gun Control. Written by Flamehorse, a writer for

This site touches briefly on nearly all of the topics we have mentioned. It provides a couple examples of countries who’s gun control is ineffective, as well as evidence to support the idea that criminals thrive when civilians cannot protect themselves.

Why I’m Against Gun Control. Written by Peter Tucci.

This is a single freelance writer’s opinion on the topic of gun control. He brings up many good points (some of which we have touched on) and lists further sources to support his claims.


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