Closing Thoughts

As our project comes to a close, we’d like you to consider all of the evidence we have shown to support the right to bear arms. Not only is it a constitutional right, but it is a necessity for the security of ourselves and our nation. Civilian firearm possession protects American citizens from both domestic and foreign predators. That is to say, from criminals, foreign invaders, and the possibility of a tyrannical government. Many will argue and cite studies that seemingly indicate a causation between gun control and reduced crime. But as we have shown, these studies have been improperly analyzed. More accurate studies, such as the study conducted by James. D. Wright and Peter Rossi, cannot be misconstrued. Felons themselves have confessed that gun control would deter them from committing violent crimes. The relation between gun control and crime should no longer be in question. Go to rallies and speak out, talk to your congressman, and above all know your facts!

Support the right to bear arms!

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 8.57.37 PM


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