This blog exists in advocacy of personal gun ownership as well as strict adherence to constitutional rights. Opposing arguments are welcomed and encouraged!

Now to get acquainted…

My name is Mona and I’m a junior at University of Maryland. I’m hardly a republican but I’m certainly a strong advocate for personal ownership of firearms. I enjoy guns and the sense of security they bring my family and I, but part of my advocacy stems from a belief that if we allow the government to strip away this basic right, we are giving them the permission to take away much more.



My name is Sam Bourassa and I am a Senior at the University of Maryland. Being raised by a military family, it’s no surprise that I too am an advocate for the right to bare arms. Family members of mine have always had an interest in firearms and have taught me how to handle them properly on numerous occasions. With the right education (and some restrictions), firearm possession by law-abiding citizens can only benefit society.


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My name is Andrew Zuckerman and like my fellow student before me, I am also a Senior at the University of Maryland, College Park. My interest in gun rights is mixed, not swaying strongly to one certain view. While the 2nd Amendment is still necessary now as it was when instituted in 1791, the need for gun control and restrictions is just as important. Since 1791 and significantly in the modern era gun violence, and arming of criminals and ‘villainous’ individuals is mammoth rather than using arms for the protection and security of a free state as drafted in the Bill of Rights. Accordingly my stance is the need for gun laws to secure the use of  weapons for their intended purpose of the security of the country and the people.


My name is Joseph Ng and I am a senior at the University of Maryland, College Park. I believe that every citizen in the United States is entitled to their rights. My view on the right to bare arms is neutral. In certain situations I do not agree with people being allowed to own firearm. For the most part, I believe that with proper education, background checks, and restrictions, owning a firearm should not be a giant issue. People have misused firearms and brought harm to people out of violence which has put guns in a negative light. I know people who own guns and have heard other people’s reasons for owning guns to the point where I was even interested in owning one, but I am only a college student. The actions of the few should not influence the many, meaning the few people who misuse guns for violent acts should not take away the right of . others who follow the law.



My name is Rubidia Umanzor. I am finishing my senior year at the University of Maryland. Personally, I find guns bring more harm to society than benefits however, I understand that the right to bear arms is sanctified by many groups of people. In general, I believe our country should focus on the ways that we can protect ourselves and others by making sure those who want or do own gun(s) are sane, responsible, and knowledgable people.



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